"correct long standing issues"

I can not recommend Claire Brownsworth highly enough. I have over the last two years been to physios and they have been unable to get to the bottom of continuing problems in my calves, feet and knees.  

I have recently visited Claire for two 1 hour sessions and she has managed to get to the bottom of issues I have had going back many years, after seeing many different physios. Her desire to keep testing and working through various issues means I now have total confidence that I can resolve ongoing issues when running and with all other activities. 

I can bend my lower back like never before - even after many many hours of yoga! 

Her studio is well equipped with pilates equipment to help diagnose problems. The exercises given in one week made an enormous difference. 

Recently by another well regarded physio in Brisbane, I had been told to repeatedly release my calves - I did this 3 times a day for two weeks and then went for a 50 m run and could not walk! After one session with Claire the calf tightness was obviously a symptom rather than cause.  

I think most people could benefit with a visit to Claire to correct long standing postural issues and relieve the resultant  pain and discomfort. 

I drove from Brisbane to Montville to visit Claire after I received a recommendation. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone in Brisbane to make the trip as the value of Claire's therapy is absolutely worth it ! - Sonia Palmer, Holland Park West QLD

"the best i have encountered"

I had the pleasure of working with Claire Brownsworth whilst sharing space in her business, Natural Balance Centre between 2009 and 2014

Many physiotherapists, in my prior experience, have a very unilateral, prepackaged approach to working with their clients. Claire's ability to quickly recognise the key movement dysfunction an individual presents with and to individualise the cues and prompts required to elicit change is the best I have encountered. She was also able to recognise early in a patients programme when there were barriers to progress and when the introduction of some specific manual therapy or acupuncture might assist. As a result of such clinical expertise and patient management many patients progressed when they might not otherwise have. It was a pleasure working with her. - Andrew Hutton (Sports Physiotherapist, Developer and Presenter of 'Integrated Dry Needling')

"straighter, stronger and completely pain free"

Before having treatment from Claire, I had constant pain in my neck, my right shoulder and lower back. I have seen many physiotherapists and other therapists over the last few years and they all seem to follow the same treatment plan. Massage, heat, and some light exercise. I wasn’t getting any answers about why I was having these problems or whether it would improve. Mostly it was put down to my age. It was very frustrating as I was constantly paying for the same treatment and information.

When I started with Claire I found someone who could explain why my body is functioning this way and how to improve or fix the underlying cause. She has amazing knowledge of how the body should move, and an ability to see what exactly is going wrong. Claire is truly dedicated to finding the solution to help her patients have a pain free, aligned body which can function without pain.

I have had amazing results. I am now straighter, stronger and completely pain free. - Carol Tett, Noosa QLD

‘Claire takes a unique full-body approach to pain.  Rather than focusing on isolated ‘sore spots’, she works with altering the underlying dysfunctional movement patterns.  I have found this to be of great benefit in both understanding how my movement patterns that occur to avoid pain in the short term wind up causing me pain in the long term, as well as getting relief from pain after treatments.  I think Claire’s approach has an integrity that is difficult to come by these days.’ - Alanda Thompson Psychologist, Noosa QLD

"unique full-body approach"